To better share books and journal articles on water and related issues we will upload many more. For a time being some books are uploaded. we will add more soon.

Erlich_The Cross and the River_Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Nile

Ethiopia and Alexandria – Munro-Hay, Stuart (1997)

Zeitoun and turton

Sylvain Perret, Stefano_Farolfi,Rashid HassanW Water Governance for Sustainable Development

Okbazghi and Keren 2013


2 thoughts on “Books

  1. I really want to appreciate and say thank you for your great recommendations of the books. Please try to put further pdf readings.

    1. I will do that more soon. I m just at the middle of writing my dissertation and a little busy. will do that with in the coming few days. Thank you for the appreciation..

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