Mihret: diversion doesn’t affect water flow of Nile

Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) says the river diversion of Abay/Nile in Ethiopia to make way for construction of the dam in the river bed doesn’t in any way reduce the amount of water flowing to Egypt.

Chief Executive Officer of the national electric utility Mihret Debebe explained those who claim the diversion has negative effect on the water flow of the river into downstream countries don’t have any scientific bases to prove their claim.

The flow of water in the River Abay is around 60 billion cubic meter and the diversion has no effect on this normal flow. Similar such river diversions on other rivers during hydroelectric dam construction don’t cause any such effect, the CEO added.

Those who claim the recent diversion on the river Abay has affected the flow of water to downstream countries do have their agenda to fix than telling what is really happening in the process.

He assured the downstream countries will not be affected even when the construction is over and the dam begins to fill water. Everything is going to take place responsibly unlike the baseless allegations that it hurts.

Available at: http://www.ertagov.com/news/index.php/component/k2/item/764-mihret-diversion-doesnt-affect-water-flow-of-nile


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