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Live Twitter Updates from an Egypt by Egyptian Journalist about the Renaissance Dam-Ethiopia

June 3, 2013

The following is the collection updates from twitter by an Egyptian Journalist Nouran El-Behairy reporting what was said during the meeting of the Islamist president of Egypt and the opposition party leaders and religious representatives. What is funny is though there were some who said let us use our artists and football players to stop Ethiopia from damming the Nile. This is a kind of appeal to pity fallacy where their public figures such as artists and football players will speak to Ethiopians not to construct the GERD. This is the funniest of all i discover. Actually there were some who were advising the president to have more place in Ethiopia than an Embassy. This one further went on saying that Egypt should have civil and political presence in Ethiopia. But what kind of civil and political presence is not yet clear. The president himself went on saying that he has  a plan for solar and nuclear energy-which is an indication that Egypt is not to buy power from Ethiopia. This further confirms what this blog yesterday discussed on how Egypt is alienating itself from power trade in the Nile Basin. Please enjoy the following funny remarks of the Egypt`s politicians. I simply put the remarks as reported by the journalist without any alteration. It at least gives a clue about who thinks what.


  1. Addis permalink

    Oh, man you missed one, which AP reported
    The had no idea that the meeting was live on TV and one of those fools Liberal politician Ayman Nour proposed spreading rumors about Egypt obtaining advanced warplanes to scare the Ethiopians.

    Read more: I thought that was the most hilarious…. 🙂

  2. Tariku permalink

    Very sad to have such primitive beings as neighbours. Godd job, brother!

  3. merhawi permalink

    Interesting collection! Thanks Zerihun!

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