Paranoid Egyptian Politicians Longing For War over the Nile

Following the submission of the final report by the International Panel of Experts on the Renaissance Dam Egypt`s Islamist President called for consultation with opposition party leaders. However, the meeting reveals the arrogance and ignorance of the Egyptian politicians in relation to the Nile. This blogger was following live twitter update from a journalist of the Daily Nation-Egypt who was updating readers live from the meeting. Those opposition party leaders participated in the meeting with their President are either totally ignorance of the Nile or they are naive in any international relations and foreign policy of their country. Some were advising the president to settle Egyptians in Ethiopia and other upstream states. Some others also proposed Egypt`s economic and political presence in Ethiopia including through civil society organizations. Some went further on advising the president to sabotage the dam. The following is the news report from the New York Times.  This blog will in detail discuss different scenarios and challenges ahead and their solutions in the coming days.



JUNE 3, 2013

CAIRO — Politicians meeting with Egypt’s president have proposed hostile acts against Ethiopia, including backing rebels and carrying out sabotage, to stop it from building a massive dam over the Nile River.

Some of the politicians attending Monday’s meeting with President Mohammed Morsi appeared unaware it was being carried live on TV. Morsi did not directly react to the suggestions.

Morsi called the meeting to review the impact of Ethiopia’s dam on Egypt’s share of the Nile’s water.

Younis Makhyoun, leader of an ultraconservative Islamist party, said Egypt should back rebels in Ethiopia or, as a last resort, destroy the dam. Liberal politician Ayman Nour proposed spreading rumors about Egypt obtaining advanced warplanes to scare the Ethiopians.

Egypt has in the past threatened to go to war to preserve its water share.


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