Ambassador Mohamed Drirr Met with Ex-Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa

According to  Daily News Egypt Ethiopia`s Ambassador in Egypt met with ex-Egypt`s Minister of Foreign Affairs and ex-Secretary General of the Arab League and Presidential Candidate Amr Moussa. Amr Moussa is currently leader of the opposition party Conference Party and the National Salvation Front (NSF) leader. Ambassador Mohamed Drirr has a two hours meeting with Amr Moussa on the recent developments on the Nile. Ambassador Mohamed has made clear to the opposition leader that Ethiopia has no any intention of harming egypt or affecting its access to the Nile waters.

Ambssador Mohamed Drirr told Amr Moussa that his country needs to maintain the friendly relations between the two countries. Both discussed on how to overcome the current crisis happened following Ethiopia`s work of redirecting the Blue Nile to accomplish the civil and engineering work of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The dispute is further escalated following the submission of the report of the International Panel of Experts (IPoE) on the GERD. According to the IPoE the GERD will not significantly affect water flow to downstream states-Egypt and the Sudan. The report further underlined that the Dam has a lot of benefits to all the riparian states. According to reports in the media and a press releases the IPoE has recommended to do further studies if there are any benefits to be shared or problems to be solved in the best interest of the Basin states. But such recommendation has been interpreted by the Islamist President Mohammed Morsi as if the IPoE stated the study made by Ethiopia is inadequate.

Mohamoud-Dirir-Ethiopia-ambassador-to-egypt Amr

Following the submission of the report to the governments of the three riparian states directly concerned with the dam Ethiopia, Egypt and the Sudan, President Morsi invited opposition leaders and religious representatives to discuss on the matter. But the meeting between the president and the politicians was an embarrassment for both the politicians and the Egyptian people as a nation as most of the politicians were paranoid and suggested laughable comments in a mistakenly televised meeting. Following this drama opposition leader and the National Salvation Front Coordinator, Mohamed Elbardi has apologized the people and government of Ethiopia for what happened in the presidential palace in Cairo in his twitter account.  As reported by Egypt Independent Mohamed ElBaradei further “called on President Mohamed Morsy to apologize to Ethiopia and Sudan for “the irresponsible utterances” made during the national dialogue session held on Monday to discuss the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis.” It is in the middle of such situations that Ambassador Mohamed Drirr and Amr Moussa met. According to reports Ambassador Mohamed told Amr Mouusa that the “campaigns against Ethiopia in Egypt are not based on correct information.” Answering to one of the comments made in the president`s meeting Ambassador Mohamed stated that “Israel has no anything to do with the dam or its effects.” Bringing Israel and the USA into the Nile politics is the very character of the few paranoid Egyptians who have no correct information about Ethiopia`s development plans and Nile policy.

In another news Ethiopia`s Minister of Water and Energy, Alemayehu Tegenu has reaffirmed Egypt not to be worried regarding the GERD. The Minister further stated that Ethiopia is ready to have dialogue on any matter with Egypt. This blog has learned that Ethiopia so far has not replied officially to the  Sunday`s embarrassing drama in Cairo.


One thought on “Ambassador Mohamed Drirr Met with Ex-Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa

  1. Dear my Egyptian brothers and sisters! You are born and grownup in Ethiopian soil and water. The Blue Nile has provided you a million tons of fertile soil by eroding the highlands of Ethiopia each year and feeding you for centuries. The world’s number one fertile region of the delta has benefiting you from the soil originated from Ethiopia. Do you perceive we are from the same soil and water, share the same culture and religions? The Nile is the ‘natural’ gift for all the down and upstream countries. For centuries, the Egyptians and Sudanese have been used the total share of the river endorsed by the colonial era in 1929 and 1959 by neglecting other countries. Though more than 85% of the Nile flow from Ethiopia highlands, the colonial treaty of sharing the water kept Ethiopia aside and gave total share to Egypt and Sudan. It was unfair and injustice therefore unacceptable by any means.

    At current scenario, because of the climate change and ever-increasing population (91.2 million and estimated to be over 139 million by 2030), Ethiopia also expected to encounter and faces a water shortage and scarcity. This is a reality by this time. Therefore, Ethiopian has the natural and legal rights of using the Blue Nile for her development in order to trap-out millions from absolute poverty and overcome the challenges that imposed by climate change. To be honest and frank of Egyptian brothers and sisters , no power can halting and distracting us from the building of GERD and other planned development projects in the near future on the Blue Nile and its tributaries. It is better die as health and wealth than being poor.

    Nevertheless, the water of the Nile is enough for all of us. Ethiopia has begun to erect the GERD on Blue Nile is aimed totally for the production of Electric Power. It is build near the Sudan border and the country has no irrigable land in that area. After generating a power the water continue its natural course and reached Sudan and Egypt with equal volume even at more regulated manner throughout the dry and rainy seasons. On the top, Egypt should have to also do her homework in the near future rather than seeking and running for maintaining ‘the old and unacceptable’ share of Nile’s water. Egypt is one of the most profligate users of water in the world. A lot of water is wasted in the desert for the production of rice and wheat and recreation industries. They have to develop and adopt efficient irrigation practices. The world is a witness for the malpractices of Egyptians on scarce water resource. Finally, win–win, mutual understanding and trust are a big solution for both sisterly countries than mourning for war. War may cost both countries a lot. We Ethiopian are aware of the cost of the war than any other countries in the world. Try to think again and again and advice those politicians that mongering war day and night in the African continent…..War may be a temporary solution. Don’t also be undermining the current status of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is advanced in military. Above all, you have to refer the history of Ethiopia during the war aggression from outside. Though we are varying in Ethnic, culture and religious, ideology, etc., we are keeping one in protecting our national sovereignty. It is ridiculously big greediness while the Egyptian is playing with bread and the counterpart Ethiopians is watching a free game!

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