No need for Egypt to worry about the Nile Dam

Ethiopia`s MInister of the Ministry of Water and Energy Alemayehu Tegenu reassure Egypt and Egyptians not to worry about the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam. The Minister went on saying that Ethiopia is ready to have dialogue on any issue that Egypt is concerned about. The following is the news report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.


Ethiopia’s Minister for Water Resources, Alemayehu Tegenu, has repeated that there is no reason for Egypt to worry about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The Minister said says construction of the Dam posed no threat to Egypt or Sudan: “We do not have any plan to harm downstream countries, Sudan and Egypt. If Egypt has some issues to discuss with Ethiopia, we are very ready to discuss them.” The report of the Technical Committee on the Dam was presented to the respective governments at the weekend. The report remains confidential but it concluded that the construction of the dam is meeting international standards and will not significantly affect the lower riparian states. The Minister made clear that the decision to divert the river which started last Tuesday, was unrelated to the completion of the Report. He said the diversion of the river was according to the schedule set earlier. He also underlined that the point that “river diversion does not to stop the flow of water to the downstream countries. River diversion means it is the rerouting of the river flow to facilitate the construction in the riverbed, nothing else.”

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