Egypt Opposition Accused Morsi for Using the NIle to Divert Attention from Domestic Politics

Ahram ONline Report that the opposition in Egypt accuses the president of Egypt for using the Ethiopian Dam to divert attention from domestic crisis. it is known that the president has faced challenges from opposition camp. The president has been trying hard to use the Nile to silence the opposition by magnifying and exaggerating the impact of the GERD on Egypt. Recently Amr mOussa has declared that 30 june will be the end of the Morsi presidency as another revolution is on the making against the president on the day of his anniversary of one year in the palace. the following is a report of Ahram Online


Opposition campaign group dismisses President Morsi’s calls for unity over Ethiopia dam crisis, vows to launch mass protests on election anniversary
Ahram Online , Tuesday 11 Jun 2013

The president’s speech on Monday calling for “national reconciliation” over Nile dam issue is an effort to distract the people’s attention from other problems, Badr added.

The president should resign, Badr insisted.

‘Rebel’ campaign central committee member Mohamed Abdel-Aziz said,“Morsi and his people are worried. They fear the popular support of the Rebel campaign and our will to mobilise on 30 June to bring down the president.”

“Morsi is using the Nile water crisis to combat his loss of popularity, people’s anger towards him and the opposition’s boycott [of his calls for dialogue],” Abdel-Aziz added.

At a conference on Monday organised by Islamist forces to discuss the issue, Morsi said, “The country demands that we stand united.”

The ‘Rebel’ campaign was launched in May to “withdraw confidence” from President Morsi by collecting 15 million signatures by the anniversary of his inauguration on 30 June, topping the number of votes he won in the election.


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