Ethiopia will not stop construction of Renaissance Dam for a second: MoFA

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 16:53

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday said the nation would not stop construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) for a second owing to the noises in Egypt. The Ministry also reiterated Ethiopia’s firm stance to work in friendship and cooperation with Egypt.

The Ministry, in its press statement, recalled that Ethiopia has demanded explanation from Egypt through its ambassador in Addis Ababa on the negative propaganda that has been underway concerning GERD by some Egyptian officials, political and civil society leaders.

Ethiopia has since then made clear the firm stand it has on cooperation, friendship and mutual benefit, it said. However, the negative messages concerning GERD were also disseminated on 10 June 2013 during a meeting called ‘International Conference of the Nile’ which was attended by the President, the Prime Minister, ministers and others.

The meeting entertained opinions presented as if Egypt was endangered because of the GERD; considered activities that influence Ethiopia using different ways to stop the construction of the Dam; and undermined the report of the Panel of Experts, the statement said.

Any such idea of slowing down or stopping the construction of the GERD from Egypt’s side or any other body is unacceptable at all, it said. The statement went on to say any effort to ease internal problem under the disguise of the GERD would not help the lasting interest of Egypt.

The statement urged the Egyptian side to stop such negative acts and work to strengthen the relation of both countries.

The Ministry commended Sudanese Minister of Culture for his positive reaction concerning the benefit of the GERD.

Ethiopia has firm stance to work in cooperation and friendship with Egypt for the GERD would also benefit it, the statement of the Ministry underscored.

Ethiopia Radio and Television 


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