Ethiopia Briefed Diplomats in Addis on Ethio-Egypt Discussions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia 

Jun 20, 2013

State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Berhane Gebrechristos, briefed members of the diplomatic corps in Addis Ababa on Wednesday (June 19th) on the meetings held between Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros and Mr. Mohamed Kamel Am, Foreign Minister of Egypt earlier in the week. Ambassador Berhane told the diplomats that the recent report presented by the International Panel of Experts, drawn from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan as well as including experts from France, Germany, South Africa and Britain, had assessed that the Dam would not cause appreciable harm to the downstream countries, Sudan and Egypt. The panel presented its 800 page report to the respective countries, and according to agreement reached earlier, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt would now be holding roundtable discussions on further activities that the Panel had recommended should be carried out. Ambassador Berhane emphasized that the Panel had been setup, at Ethiopia’s instigation, to ensure mutual benefits for all three countries. There had been some misunderstanding but the two-day talks held in Addis Ababa between the two Foreign Ministers in a spirit of mutual understanding and brotherhood had reached agreement on discussions over the Panel’s report. Egyptian ambassador to Ethiopia, Mohamed Idris, told the meeting that Egypt believed Ethiopia has no intention to harm Egypt. The Ambassador of Uganda to Ethiopia, Mull Sebujja Katende, expressed his belief that Egypt and Sudan would sign the cooperation framework signed two years ago by six upstream riparian countries. In conclusion, Ambassador Berhane noted that the Foreign Ministers and the Ministers of Water Resources of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are now expected to hold further discussions in the near future.


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